March Madness -> March Sadness

Every few weeks our office hears news of a famous athlete retiring. Between meetings and events, our team of sports fanatics spends time reminiscing about the athlete’s career & their mark on the sports world. Whether they are famous for their unbelievable eagle on the 18th hole, scoring an impossible penalty kick, or rushing 50-yards down the field for the winning touchdown, our team follows these athletes along the way and is often saddened by the news of retirement. But, the words, “I’m retiring” from Steve Nash left a deep mark on the team at Beck & Score on March 21st. For us, Steve Nash was more than just an iconic athlete; he was a symbol of success all 19 years of his career that our team looked up to.

From the startup stages of Beck & Score, our team dreamed of working with Steve Nash. We watched him over the years, as he became the NBA’s Free Throw Percentage Leader at 90.42% - beating retired Mark Price who sits at 90.39%.  We cheered him on as he became the President and CEO of the 50-40-90 Club as the greatest shooter in NBA history.  We raised our glasses as he won the NBA MVP award…twice.  We bought season tickets when he joined the Lakers in 2012 in our hometown and quickly became Lakerholics following his every shot.  

During Beck & Score’s inception, Steve Nash had a major role in the development of the company, even becoming a part equity owner. His passion for sports off the court was immediately apparent and a few special Beck & Score clients even had the opportunity to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup alongside Steve Nash. Steve was even able to bring together a group of friends and professional athletes to wow and entertain guests during 2014 FIFA World Cup Nash Party in Brazil presented by Beck & Score. During this exclusive event, it became very clear to guests why Steve almost became a professional soccer player before embarking on his basketball career.

While Nash is most-noted for his ball-handling skills on the court, off the court he is known for his philanthropic heart and his work with his nonprofit, The Steve Nash Foundation. The Foundation assists, “underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life.” For Steve Nash, his enjoyment of life comes from reaching out a hand – a hand to pass the ball to win the game, and a helping hand to those less fortunate than himself; those affected by poverty, abuse or neglect.

While going to the Staples Center to watch the Lakers won’t quite feel the same, we support Nash’s decision to retire. Whatever journey Nash embarks on next, we will be there to support him and will continue to follow the work he does with The Nash Foundation. We know we’ll continue to see firsthand how Nash’s work off the court inspiring and helping kids chase their dreams is just as impactful and award winning as his work on the court.

Nash dedicated his retirement letter in The Players Tribune to his fans; we dedicate this blog post to Steve Nash, the various teams he represented, his staff at The Nash Foundation, and all of his fans - who much like us- continued to show their commitment to Nash’s game.

Check back for updates on Nash’s future involvement with Beck & Score’s sports activities.