Beck & Score Agents' Favorite World Cup Memories

From dramatic comeback goals to heroic saves, the 2014 FIFA World Cup was nothing short of exhilarating. Now back in LA, Beck & Score agents and staff took the time to reflect on their experience and share their favorite World Cup memories following a successful month in Brazil with members.

Jason C: “Watching Brazil beat Columbia with the local crowd atop of the Sugarloaf mountain.”

Ryan: “My favorite world cup memory was walking out of the Bossa Nova studio lounge into Maracana stadium for the first time. There is no experience like it in the U.S. I didn’t expect it to be so electric and overwhelming. Hands down the best sporting venue I have been to so far.”

Linda: “Watching France beat Nigeria with French people at Casa Bleue (The French House). It was so much fun!”

Iveline: “In one month I have watched the best players in the world, from the best seats available, sometimes with some of the best players in the history of socce in the most epic stadium of them all [Maracana]. Most importantly, I was able to do this with an amazing group of people, whom I respect and feel fortunate to have atched these matches with.”

James: “Watching Germany lift the cup after winning the final and hearing the uproarious applause at Maracana.”

Lisa: “After working in soccer for almost my whole career it was a dream come true to see a World Cup match live! To make it better, my first match was the highly anticipated decider between the U.S. and Germany. Not only did I get to celebrate with fellow USA fans after our team made it out of the Group of Death, I also got to see the eventual World Cup champs play!”

Luciana: “Definitely had to be watching Brazil PKs [vs Chile] on the screen at Maracanã Stadium before the Colombia vs Uruguay match. It felt like the game was happening there!”

Pedro: “Every time I entered the stadium and heard the crowd going nuts! It gave me goose bumps, every single time!”

It seems Beck & Score members weren’t the only ones to have had the experience of a lifetime!

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