The Beck & Score Valet: Peace Of Mind In The Palm Of Your Hand

Navigating a new country is challenging enough, let alone Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Along with logistics, like how to get from the stadium back to the hotel, a whirl of questions and curiosities can be expected of travelers who have made the journey to the soccer-enthused country. This is why, aside from securing the best accommodations and most premium venues for which to enjoy the sport’s largest stage, Beck & Score is offering its members something more: Valet.

A comprehensive mobile concierge service, Valet is curated for each individual traveler so as to enhance their on-ground experience and create priceless peace of mind. The Android-based user-friendly interface operates on a Samsung Galaxy S5 that is given to each Beck & Score member the moment they step off the plane at no additional charge.

“By customizing the device from the ground up, it allows us to offer special functionality not possible within the confines of a standalone app,” explains Bradley Stone, Beck & Score co-founder and developer of the device. In addition to everything a personal phone can do—make calls, text, take photos, share experiences on social media—Valet facilitates an immediate and unique dialogue between Beck & Score and its members.

“The Valet allows us to remotely update a client’s itinerary and instantly display the changes on his or her screen, push special announcements in the form of beautiful imagery rather than plain text, and provide daily and nightly blurbs about what is going on in each city,” shares Stone.

That’s a reassuring feeling for any traveler who has ever had to chart their own course in a new city or country. Imagine receiving regularly updated information relevant to your trip, like what to bring to your afternoon surfing lesson, as well as coverage on all things relating to the excitement surrounding the World Cup. Interested in what exhibits are currently being showcased at a nearby museum? Need additional towels or toiletries in your suite? What about finding the best post-match restaurant to enjoy a celebratory caipirinha? No matter the request, Beck & Score is at your beck and call.