Beck & Score Experience: A Private Tour Of Be Bentuário, a family-owned cachaceria in Búzios

As any seasoned traveler would tell you, getting to know the people and traditions behind a new land is the most rewarding reason to leave home in the first place. For Beck & Score, this translates into cultivating a complete and unparalleled fan experience for its guests, one that spans the confines of the soccer stadium to expose the personality and culture of a world-class destination.

Thanks to a tip from our friends at the beautiful Cachoeria Inn in Búzios (at right)—one of the luxury properties that we offered to our members—we were treated to a private tour of Be Bentuário, a traditional cachaça maker to learn how cachaça, the distilled rum used in the popular caipirinha drink, is made.

Upon arriving at the unassuming shop in Buzios, which has operated under one roof for generations, our group was led by a father and daughter duo through an open-air walkway and into a building where they make the cachaça. Stacks of Scottish whiskey barrels occupied either side of the room, and through a glass window, we were able to glimpse into a second compartment that housed all the equipment used to boil the original sugarcane and start the delicate aging process.

As Marlene spoke to us in English, her father held up bottles and gave us samples directly out of the barrels from a tap, each aged to different years. From there, she took us into another adjoining room that comprised of their modest gift shop: various bottles of everything they produce, as well as some Brazilian cups, mugs and little trinkets.

In the gift shop, stored against a small wall, we learned that the family also makes a specialty chocolate liquor, a recipe passed down from generations. This delicious concoction is made from grain alcohol, chocolate and a secret blend of spices that are combined and stored together in a large jug for 30 day, shaken heavily each day. Next, the dense liquid is poured through a cheesecloth in order to extract what will become the delicious liquor. The really unique part is that the solids that are leftover become what is essentially a spiked version of Nutella! Having a slightly thicker consistency than traditional pudding or mousse, this byproduct is then sold at the family shop to be used as spread for toasts—but it’s just as delicious eaten straight from the jar!

May this inspire you to venture out into the next new city you find yourself in and please, put down whatever you’re drinking at the moment and reach for the host nation’s signature cocktail, the caipirinha.