Beck & Score 2014 FIFA World Cup Cities: Salvador

Salvador, established in 1549, was one of the first urban areas of Brazil to be settled and colonized by the Portuguese. African culture is widespread in and around Salvador from capoeira, a fusion of martial arts and dance brought to Brazil by African slaves, to the rhythms of the agogôs and atabaques, percussion instruments also derived from the influence ofAfrican culture. Beyond the unique cultural environment of Salvador, the primary attraction is the Pelourinho, the historical center of the city with churches and colorful colonial buildings.

For the duration of the FIFA World Cup™, Beck & Score has secured beautiful 5-Star hotel accommodations at the Pestana Covento Do Carmo, more commonly known as The Convent. Originally built in 1586 by the First Order of Carmelite Friars, Covento Do Carmo has been the stage of many significant events in Brazilian history. After careful restoration it is now considered the first luxury historic hotel in Brazil.